CBD For Pets

We now offer the #1 Vet-Recommended CBD + CBDA products to our dogs and cats!

 Thoroughly researched, tested, and approved for sale in Nevada.
Uses for CBD include:
  • Joint discomfort
  • Stress
  • Neurological support
  • Itching
  • Senior dog & cat overall wellness


We wanted to use these products on our personal pets before offering them to our clients. Specifically, we wanted to see if it helped our previously paralyzed dog improve mobility and our incredibly anxious dog relax. We chose to try the chew treats. We are thrilled with the results so far. Within 4 days our anxiety-filled dog Roxie was noticeably calmer and no longer whined while driving in the car. She lays down and rests comfortably. When our dog walker picked her up for the first time after starting CBD + CBDA, she texted us to comment that "Roxie seems really calm and subdued today." YESSSS!!! We knew it was working.

As for our little chihuahua Chica, she had been previously paralyzed in her rear legs after a car accident in which she suffered spinal cord damage. She still has difficulty walking and doesn't have full use of her back legs. We adopted her after she was abandoned at Animal Kindness in that condition. Normally one to rest and lay down alot, she is now walking around a lot more, running, and playing with our other dogs which she had never done previously. She's even started to try jumping up on the couch! This is a huge improvement in her mobility. Check out the video of her "playing" with our husky Havok. She cracks us up!

Dr McAllister and Jen (owners)

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