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Meet The Team

Rebecca B, LVT

Practice Manager

Nickname: Becca

I've always had a deep love for all living things (sometimes I even take sympathy on insects). Ever since I can remember I've always had a passion for taking care of animals. When I was little, I would go to my neighbors' houses and, with a small plastic stethoscope, would "nurse" their pets back to perfect health. That passion is stronger than ever now that I work here at Animal Kindness. Although it's a little more complicated than giving a magic shot with a fisher-price toy, I strive to provide the best medical care to my abilities in which I'm continuously learning to improve on. I love the people I work with, we are a family and it has felt that way since the day I started working here as a veterinary assistant in 2014. I hope we can make you feel like family too. 

Favorite animal: Elephants

Hobbies: Reading, adventure, video games, and playing with my dogs! 

My pets: 

Riley (left) and Coco (right)

Victoria P, LVT

Head Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Hi everyone my name is Victoria and I am currently Veterinary Technician in Training. I am in this field to provide the best quality life that I can for my patients. Every since I was little I made it my mission that one day I would be able to care for my communities fur babies. I looked up to all veterinary staff when I was little and thought "If they worked hard to provide quality care for all animals why can't I do the same" It amazing that now I can make this a reality. I believe all animals lives are precious, no matter how big or small they will always be apart of our family at Animal Kindness.

Favorite Animals: Hedgehogs ,Dogs, Mice and Guinea Pigs

Hobbies: Makeup

Arlin D, VTIT

Veterinary Nurse (in training)

Hi, my name is Arlin. I started my extern here at animal kindness & instantly felt like family. Dr.holt and his staff made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions that I had & was fortunate enough to become part of the team. My parents always told me "choose a job that you love & you'll never have to work again," after that I knew working with animals was the only job for me. I know animals cannot talk but when they come here suffering & you have the ability to make them feel better, they show their gratitude with their eyes, they say thank you with their kindness & that is what makes not only your job happy but also your heart ❤

Hobbies: Singing and Make-up

Kathy R


I've been a client of Dr. Holt since July, 2002. Over the years I accumulated several pets, which in turn, required several trips to his clinic, Animal Kindness. I was on a routine visit with one of my pets when Dr. Holt half-heartedly told me a front desk position would soon be available! I had been looking for part-time work to supplement my existing job. And so it began: July 21, 2011.

 Favorite animal: Dogs! 

Hobbies: My home and my turtles :) 

Mayra Becerra

Kennel Technician / Veterinary Assistant

Hello! I'm Mayra and I was born this way. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and realized I had a passion for animal when I was very young. I was played with worms in the dirt and enjoyed taking of my pets. I was a bit afraid of being a veterinary technician at first but since I been here at Animal Kindness Animal Hospital I became more comfortable and inspired. I can not wait to become a technician but before I can do that I will be work hard taking care of your pets with all of my heart! <3

Favorite animal: Cats and Cows

Hobbies: Concerts, music

My Pets! 


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